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ID Cards - Card Checks in 2023

There are 3 ways to complete a card check in the 2023 season:

  1. SportsEngine
    1. Sports Engine now has the option to add players' pictures to the roster. Once added, the picture will remain on the roster for the 2023 season and can be used to complete card checks.
    2. Pictures can be added by a team official with access to SportEngine or by the club registrar.
    3. We suggest uploading all your teams' photos onto a folder on your computer. Then, you can easily drag and drop each photo to upload to the player's profile.
                How To Add Photos in SportsEngine
    1. Login to SportsEngine.
    2. Go to the team roster.
    3. Select "player profile."
      1. The player's profile will have a camera icon in the circle beside their name.
    4. Click the camera icon.
      1. An "upload profile photo" box will pop up.
    5. Choose an image or drop a file into the box.
    6. Adjust the photo so that the player's face is in the circle.
    7. Click save.
  2. Valid Government Issued Photo ID
    1. Players can present a form of valid government ID that includes a photo.
      1. Players who do not have a valid form of government photo ID will need to have a valid Ontario Soccer ID card or photo in the SportsEngine roster.
  3. Valid Ontario Soccer ID Card (Physical or Digital)
    1. Players can use their valid Ontario Soccer ID cards from previous years.

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